Andreas N. Lytras is a Professor at Panteion University of Athens (Department of Sociology). He has served as President of the Council of Higher (University) Education of Greece, Vice-Rector of Panteion University, President of the Department of Sociology (Panteion University), General Director of the General Hospital of Athens: “Korgialenio-Benakio”-Hellenic Red Cross, Director of the National School of Public Administration, and Director of the National Institute of Labour.
He has published books, articles, chapters in collective works and other studies. The published books are the follow:

A.N. Lytras, Prolegomena to the Theory of Greek Social Structure, Athens, A.A. Livanis-Nea Synora, 1993 (in Greek).
A.N. Lytras, Society and Labour. The Role of Social Classes, Athens, Papazissis Publishers, 2000 (in Greek).
A.N. Lytras, Essays on Class Analysis. Approaches to the classic theory of social classes, Athens, Papazissis Publishers, 2004, (in Greek).
A.N. Lytras, K.N. Souliotis, Exclusions within Globalization. Social Policy Issues, Athens, Papazissis Publishers, 2004 (in Greek).
A.N. Lytras, D. Prontzas, Agricultural Exploitation in Greece. Society, Production and Property in 1951, Athens, Papazissis Publishers, 2006 (in Greek).
A.N. Lytras, Analyses on Social Structure. Social policy and organization in the twenty-first century, Athens, Papazissis Publishers, 2007 (in Greek).
A.N. Lytras, Political Strategy for Social Classes. Analytical Essays, Athens, Papazissis Publishers, 2008 (in Greek).
A.N. Lytras, Micro-Astike Function and Organization in Greece, Athens, Papazissis Publishers, 2010 (in Greek).
A.N. Lytras, Wage Labour in Social Organization. The realities in employment and the consolidation of work autonomy, Athens, Papazissis Publishers, 2016 (in Greek).

Most of the above books have been included in the collections of academic libraries, worldwide.

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